Study Guide for Massage Therapy
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Table of Contents 

PART I Human Anatomy, Physiology, & Kinesiology  
  Introduction: Review of Body Systems  
  Chemistry Review  
  Cellular Review  
  Integumentary System   
  Skeletal System   
  Muscular System   
  Nervous System   
  Sensory System   
  Endocrine System   
  Cardiovascular System   
  Lymphatic & Immune System   
  Respiratory System   
  Digestive System   
  Urinary System   
  Reproductive System   
  Craniosacral System   
  Biomechanics & Kinesiology   
  Medical Terminology   
  Oriental Medicine                            NEW!  
  Other Energy Systems                    NEW!
  PART I:  Practice Questions   
 PART II Clinical Pathology   
  Introduction to Disease   
  Diseases of the Integumentary System   
Diseases of the Skeletal System 
Diseases of the Joints (Articulations)
  Diseases of the Muscular System  
  Diseases of the Nervous System  
  Diseases of the Endocrine System  
  Diseases of the Sensory System  
  Diseases of the Cardiovascular System  
  Diseases of the Lymphatic & Immune Systems  
  Diseases of the Respiratory System  
  Diseases of the Digestive System  
  Diseases of the Urinary System  
  Diseases of the Reproductive System
Psychological & Emotional Disorders           NEW!
Pharmacology Review                                 NEW! 
  PART II: Practice Questions   
 PART III Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork Assessment    NEW!  
  Client Assesment: History & Intake   
  Client Assessment: Precautions   
  Client Assessment: Assessment Areas               NEW!   
  Client Assessment: Posture & Range of Motion    NEW!  
 PART IV Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork Application      NEW!  
  Application: Technique  
  Application: Communication   
  Application: Hydrotherapy 
Application: Aromatherapy                           NEW!
  Application: First Aid & CPR   
  Application: Touch Therapy Modalities   

PART III: Practice Questions

PART V Professional Standards, Ethics, & Business Practices   
  Ethics & Professional Standards  
  Business Practices   
  PART IV: Practice Questions   
 PART VI Practice Examination   

Appendix A: Figure Review
Appendix B: Answer Key


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